Product FAQ

Does this work on LED/OLED/Plasma/projector/CRT as well as LCD?

Yes it does, it works on all modern display technologies as well as classic CRT.  In regards to projectors, bulb projectors work well but budget LCD projectors that use an LED light can sometimes be too dark unless you have optimum conditions.  Curved displays do work but you need to be quite central in regards to the display.

Which systems are supported?

Currently the following systems are supported:
Windows 7,8,10,11
Raspberry Pi (3B+ or higher, 4 is recommended)
PS1/PS2 supported with physical mod, please see videos.
Android, very raw beta support, will not work on all Android systems
Support is always evolving, the easiest system to use is Windows.

What lightgun games can I play?

With the right PC and emulators you can play pretty much everything pre-PS3 including arcade games.  You can also play a significant number of more modern arcade games.  On the Raspberry Pi you can get all the way up to PS1 and Dreamcast.  There are also modern games that are compatible being released on steam such as House Of The Dead:Remake, House Of The Dead:Overkill, Blue Estate and Big Buck Hunter.

Do you provide games and roms?

No sorry we are not able to help with that.

What colours are available?

Black, Arcade Blue and Arcade Red.

Does this work on PS4/PS3, Xbox One, Saturn, Dreamcast, NES etc etc?

So far you can only use PS1 and PS2 as original hardware with the DIY mod shown in one of the videos but I'm hoping to make this easier and also add more supported consoles as the year progresses.

Can you turn recoil on and off?

Yes, the recoil is fully controlled by the software.

Is there a minimum or maximum distance?

It is recommended that you are a minimum of about 1.5 times the game display width back from the display.  Most lightgun games are 4:3 ratio so it's important to remember it's the game width that matters not the overall display width.  It does work a bit closer than 1.5 times but the performance can start to get less reliable and accurate as it is making assumptions the closer you get.
In normal use I don't think anyone will exceed a maximum.

How long is the USB cable?

Approximately 5m.

What are the dimensions of the Sinden Lightgun?

26cm long, the pump action area is about 10cm high, the max width is 4cm.

Does Sinden Lightgun work on Pandora?

Unfortunately the lightgun is not compatible with Pandora Box, the hardware is probably compatible but without all the lightgun drivers, lightgun emulators and lightgun games all carefully configured it won't work and it's unlikely the developers will go to all that effort.  However it does work great with a Raspberry Pi or a cheap PC/Laptop if you have one laying around or can get one easily.