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Sinden Lightgun With Recoil - 2 Pack

Sinden Lightgun With Recoil - 2 Pack

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The Sinden Lightgun is the world's only true LCD television compatible Lightgun in that it works directly off of the television light and doesn't require any other hardware such as sensor bars. It does not require constant re-calibration and remains perfectly accurate even if you change position or angle.

This is the recoil model which contains a chunky solenoid to give a great recoil feedback when playing.  The recoil model has an innovative circuit that allows it to be powered only by the computer USB and does not need external power but still able to give a powerful kick.

Support the project and be one of the first people in the world to own a Sinden Lightgun and play compatible classic Lightgun games on your LCD/OLED/Modern television or projector. Compatible with computers running Windows and Linux (including Raspberry Pi).

More details further down this page.

This is a 2 player pack and contains 2 Sinden Lightguns with Recoil.


Tough ABS plastic
RoHS Compliant Electronics
High quality components designed for a long product life time.

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Sinden Lightgun

  • Fast Response, 60 frames per second
  • Speed equal to CRT lightgun
  • No sensors or external hardware required
  • Does not need re-calibration even when switching displays
  • Supported by all the major emulators
  • 10 inputs (trigger, pump action and buttons)
  • Offscreen Reload
  • No external power required, just connect to computer USB
  • Full support for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi
  • Prototype Android support
  • Prototype PS1/PS2 support (requires physical mod with additional hardware to connect)
  • 5m USB cable
  • Works on all modern displays including LCD,OLED,Plasma
  • Works on CRT
  • Works on projectors but bulb or laser projectors are recommended over budget LED projectors
  • Useful wiki for setting up emulators
  • Friendly Discord with over 7500 members for advice and discussion