We love lightgun games!

Welcome to the official Sinden store. We love retro gaming and especially lightgun games. The whole Sinden lightgun project was started due to the frustration of big companies refusing to create new modern television lightgun technology so we decided to do it ourselves! Thank you to everyone that helped make this a reality.

The Sinden Lightgun is the world's only true modern television compatible Lightgun in that it works directly off of the television light and doesn't require any other hardware such as sensor bars. It does not require constant re-calibration and remains perfectly accurate even if you change position or angle. Now you can play Time Crisis, House Of The Dead, Duck Hunt and all of your favourite Lightgun games again.

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Please note
, some countries may have customs/duty on import. The USA does not which is where the majority of orders are for. Some other countries may have customs charges when your order arrives. Canada, Australia, New Zealand usually don't but it is a possibility. Israel seems to be down to luck. The EU does not have import duty as the lightgun is made in the UK BUT VAT/sales tax is usually charged at your local rate by customs when imported. In the future we are hoping to additionally distribute from within the EU also to make things easier for EU customers. I don't yet have any feedback for South Korea and Japan and any of the other new countries we have recently added. Orders are shipped from the United Kingdom and for UK customers VAT is included.

Introduction video from our Indiegogo campaign